Mike Rowan, Ph.D.

209 Agricultural Engineering Building

590 Woody Hayes Dr.

The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH 43210

Work (614) 688-5543

FAX (614) 292-9448

E-mail: rowan.7@osu.edu


Ph.D., Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2004, The Ohio State University:

              Specialization in alternative onsite wastewater treatment processes.

M.S., Environmental Science, 1997, The Ohio State University

Specialization in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.

B.A., Biology/Philosophy, 1986, Wittenberg University

Area of specialization


Primary interests include decentralized wastewater treatment processes including              the design and installation of mounds, drip and spray irrigation systems.


Academic Appointments

Lecturer, The Ohio State University: Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Columbus State Community College: Department of Biological and Physical Science

Teaching Curriculum

Biology (Bio 100):  Basic principles and characteristics of life, biochemistry, cell structure, function and reproduction, bioenergetics, bioinformatics, genetics, biodiversity, ecology, and evolution.

Building Materials and Construction in Agriculture (AgSysMgt 241):  Principles and techniques in the fabrication of wood, concrete, and masonry materials used in agri-business and agricultural applications.

Design of Waste Management Systems (FABE 650):  Rural, community, and onsite wastewater and waste engineering for small or decentralized waste management systems.

Electric Power for Agriculutural and Residential Applications  (AgSysMgt 310):  Principles and applications of systems and components essential for distribution and control of electricity for power, heat, and illumination in residences and agricultural structures.

Land Surveying for Agricultural and Environmental Systems (AgSysMgt 371): Principles of land surveying applied to soil and water management on agricultural and environmental areas.

Modeling and Design of Biological Systems (FABE 625):  Application of transport processes, enzyme kinetics and the simulation of plant and animal growth to the analysis and design of biological systems and processes.

Pollution Control and Waste Utilization (AgSysMgt 550):  Management and utilization of animal wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, crop residues, milk, and food processing wastes, and farmstead and urban solid wastes to abate environmental pollution at the urban-rural interface.

Professional Experience

Lecturer, Ohio State Univ., 2004 – present

Adjunct Faculty, Columbus State Community College, 1996 – present

Jefferson Township Board of Trustees, 1998 – present

Scientific and Professional Societies

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

Ohio Onsite Wastewater Association

Honorary Societies

Alpha Epsilon

Phi Kappa Phi


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Rowan, M. 2006. Irrigation isn’t just for growing crops anymore.  Ohio Country Journal. August, p. 43

M. Rowan, K. Mancl, O. H. Tuovinen. 2005. Performance of Drip Irrigation Emitters Distributing Primary and Secondary Wastewater Effluent. ASABE Paper Number 701P0104. 

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Rowan, M., K. Mancl, H. Caldwell. 2004. On-site Sprinkler Irrigation of Treated Wastewater in Ohio. Extension Bulletin 912. The Ohio State University.