1. Septic Tank Soil Treatment Systems

    Oct 1, 2018

    Updated bulletin 939 is now available as a downloadable pdf.  The bulletin contains a step-by-step design process based on linear loading rates and the soils infiltrative capacity.

  2. Full-scale, low-cost treatment of food processing wastewater

    Jul 11, 2018

    Just published in Applied Engineering in Agriculture

    Mancl, K., R. Kopp and O. Tuovinen. 2018. Treatment of meat-processing wastewater with a full-scale, low-cost sand/gravel bioreactor system. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 34(2):403-409. Doi.org/10.13031/aea.12683.

  3. Winter irrigation of treated wastewater

    Jul 11, 2018

    Just published in Ohio Journal of Science.

    Griffin, J. and K. Mancl. 2017. Onsite reuse of reclaimed wastewater in winter to determine potential for pollutant runoff. Ohio Journal of Science. 117(2):74-84.