1. Where to have your water tested

    Feb 22, 2021

    Private well owners are responsible to testing and maintaining their own water supply to protect family and visitors.  Laboratories throughout Ohio accept samples from the public for water testing.  The lab list was just updated to help locate a nearby lab. Go to

  2. Improving disinfection of treated wastewater

    Oct 29, 2020

    Just published SETLL research on a new approach to UV disinfection.  Batch disinfection improves disinfection, saves energy and extends the life of the equipment.

    • Liu, K., E. Park, KM Mancl, J. Lee and O.H. Tuovinen. 2020. Batch UV disinfection for small flow onsite wastewater treatment. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 36(5):717-725.

  3. Capturing Greenhouse Gases in China's Countryside

    Jun 11, 2020

    China has more than 40 million anaerobic digesters collecting animal and human waste for conversion to methane.  Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas having 25 times more impact than carbon dioxide.  By comparison, only 254 agricultual digesters have been constucted in the US.