China Research

MA Thesis

     • Karen Mancl - MA Thesis: Environmental Technology Transfer to Rural China

     • Spencer Stewart - MA Thesis: Chinese Agricultural Extension and Uneven Economic Growth, 1903-1937: A Case Study of Shandong Province

     • Jane Powell - MA Thesis: Environmental and Economic Impacts of Chemical Fertilizer Use: A Case Study of the North China Plain

Journal Articles

     • Mancl, K. and K. Lee. 2016. Mentoring East Asian Women Science and Engineering Faculty. Ohio Journal of Science. 116(2):28-33.

     • Gao, HH, Q Liu, CR Yan, K Mancl, DZ Gong, JX He and XR Mei. 2022. Macro-and/or microplastics as an emerging threat effect crop   growth and soil health. Resources, Concervation and Recycling. 186(2022)106549.

Bulletins and Manuals

     • Sand Bioreactors for Onsite Wastewater Treatment (in Chinese)

     • Sand Bioreactors: Pressure Distribution of Wastewater Design and Construction (in Chinese)

     • Sand analysis for onsite wastewater treatment systems AEX 757.1 (in Chinese)

     • Cultivating US and Chinese Climate Leadership on Food and Agriculture: A Roadmap for Collaboration

New Security Beat - China Environment Forum

       • China's Hollow Villages Undergo a Transformation

       • Reclaiming China's Worn-out Farmland: Don't treat soil like dirt

       • Not Too Big - Not Too Small - Just Right: Sand Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment in Chinese Villages

       • Nine Dragons Rule the Waters: Closing the Loop on China's Water Pollution

       • Pig Disease is Creating a Mountainous Solid Waste Problem


       • China Increases Agricultural Production on a Sea of Plastic

       • Aquaculture is Fishing to Gut Plastic Waste - In the United State and China

       • The Dirt on Agricultural Plastic Pollution of the Soil in the U.S. and China

       • Microplastic in Soil - Small Size Big Impact on U.S. and Chinese Agriculture

       • Biodegradable Plastic in Chinese and US Agriculture: Hero or Villain?

       • The Invisible Plastic Problem: Agricultural Plastic in China and the United States (page 62)

       • Biodegradable Plastics - A Potential Soultion for Agricultural Mulch (page 66)


       • Capturing Greenhouse Gases in China's Countryside

       • Brewing Biogas in The US and China

       • US and Chinese Aquaculture Taps into a Carbon-Free Geothermal Energy Source


       • Aquaculture is Fishing to Gut Plastic Waste - In the United State and China

       • A Tale of 2 Snails: Biodiversity Threats of Invasive Species in the United States and China

       • Aquaculture Fish Feed - Can China and the US Break the Ocean Connection?

       • China and US Aquaculture Open Doors to Invaders

       • US and Chinese Aquaculture Taps into a Carbon-Free Geothermal Energy Source


       • Capturing Greenhouse Gases in China's Countryside

       • The Forgotten Greenhouse Gas: Nitrous Oxide as an Issue for U.S. and Chinese Agriculture

       • Rice: A recipe for greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S and China

       • Soil’s Key Role in Fighting Climate Change in U.S. and Chinese Agriculture: The Wisdom of Dr. Rattan Lal

       • Greening Eggs and Ham: Animal Feed and GHG Emissions in the United States and China

       • No Water, No Food: Glacier Loss Threatens US and Chinese Agriculture

       * Food Waste: A Low-hanging Fuit for Methane Reductions

Agricultural Exhange

       • A Commune in Rural Iowa Inspires Reform in China's Countryside

China/US Focus

       • COVID-19 Changing the Mink Production Landscape in U.S. and China

       • Holiday Treats Become Invasive Species and Threatens Diversity in the US and China

       • Decades of Plastic Use in Agriculture Is Catching up to Chinese Farmers

       * The US-China Science and Technology Agreement is Rooted in Agriculture