ASM 7786 Introduction to Graduate-Level East Asian Studies

Introduction to Graduate-Level East Asian Studies

ASM 7786

(Offered every other year)

Teacher: Dr. Karen Mancl, Professor Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Office: 228C Agricultural Engineering Building

Description / Objectives:

This one-credit course is required of all students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary M.A. Program in East Asian Studies, however, all graduate students are welcome, as are undergraduates with written instructor permission.

The primary objectives of this course are that students will:

1)   Learn STEM issues in East Asia with a focus on agriculture and the environment.

2)   Explore current trends and research in the field of East Asian Studies

3)   Share student research experiences

4)   Discuss elements of professional development

Students explore current scholarly work in East Asian Studies (China, Korea, and Japan) selected readings addressing the major agricultural and environmental issues impacting East Asia, as well as group discussions of student research.



Attend 7 seminars on East Asia: at least 2 on Japan, 2 on China and 2 on Korea

Submit 1-page summary on each lecture.

Attend 7 class meetings

Interdisciplinary study – Discuss reading

Newswander, L.K. and M. Borrego. 2009. Engagement in two interdisciplinary graduate programs. Higher Education 58:551-562.

STEM in East Asian Studies – Discuss reading

Cao, S.Y., X.N. Liu and H. Er. 2010. Dujiangyan Irrigation System – a world cultural heritage corresponding to concepts of modern hydraulic science. Journal of Hydro- environmental Research 4:3-13.

3 East Asian Studies Faculty presentations

Graduating Student Presentations & Course planning and research progress Class reception - share what you learned throughout the semester