ASM 5786 - Environmental Issues in East Asia

Environmental Issues in East Asia

ASM 5786

Fall Semester Tues 4:00p – 6:45p

Teacher: Dr. Karen Mancl, Professor Food, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Office: 228C Agricultural Engineering Building

Goals: Interdisciplinary students from STEM and social science disciplines will:

• Identify environmental issues emerging in East Asia and compare to local issues of interest in Ohio and at OSU.

• Learn ecology is the fundamental science underlying Environmental science and understand how environmental issues relate to the principles of ecology.

• Review the professional literature as the first step in a research inquiry and learn how to develop a literature review.

Class Schedule:

Week 1           Ecological Principles and Asian Environmental Issues

Week 2           Summarizing Published Literature

Week 3           Research Objectives           

Week 4           Literature Review

Week 5           Principle 1 - Biogeography

Week 6           Principle 2 - Earth as the Biosphere

Week 7           Principle 3 - Ecological Energetics

Week 8           Principle 4 - Carrying Capacity

Week 9           Principle 5 - Ecological Succession

Week 10         Principle 6 -Biotic Interactions

Week 11         Principle 7 - Biodiversity

Week 12         Principle 8 - Materials Cycling

Week 13         East Asian – West comparison and contrast

Week 15         Poster Session

Final               Submit literature review