Low-cost Treatment of Meat Processing Wastewater

Over $10 million dollars was saved, by an Ohio meat processor, by treating their wastewater in a new way. A sand bioreactor system was developed based on research conducted at The Ohio State University. This university-industry partnership has saved jobs, money, and is protecting the environment with effluents exceeding the quality of conventional treatment systems.

Regulators, designers, food processors, and installers will learn about the development of a low-cost system for treating high-strength wastewater. The highlight of the workshop is a tour of the treatment system.

Agenda 10:30 – 2:30

•Intro to low cost wastewater treatment

•Sand bioreactor system-how does it work?

•Critical elements in design and operation

- Media matters - Dosing matters - Application rate matters

•Construction is simple

•Operation and maintenance is even


•Tour the Plant-dress for the weather


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