Soil & Site Evaluation for Onsite Wastewater Treatment ~ Online Workshop ~

Soil & Site Evaluation for Onsite Wastewater Treatment

~ Online Workshop ~


Drs. Brian Slater and Karen Mancl

The Ohio State University


June 1 through October 30, 2021


Registered sanitarians, soil scientists, sanitary engineers, installers and others who work on small and onsite wastewater treatment systems are sometimes expected to consider sites and soils for suitability.  This new online course has video lectures, demonstrations and homework exercises to prepare onsite professionals to conduct a preliminary evaluation.  The goal of this course is to help an onsite professional to become a soils practitioner to assist soil scientists is conducting site and soil evaluations.


Since each workshop segment is 6 hours, you can take 1 per year or all three in 1 year to meet your needs.  The only restriction is the segments must be taken in order, since what you learn in Segment 1 prepares you for Segments 2 and then 3.


Be aware that each online segment has homework and a final quiz.  Participants must pass the quiz to verify workshop participation and receive the CEU certificate.  Once you have completed the online segments, you can register for a series of Autumn field workshops starting in mid-August 2021 to practice the knowledge and skills learned through the online workshops.



$200 per person for each segment through the online registration.  In addition, textbooks need to be purchased as hard copy or ebooks.  List of textbooks is below.


Workshop Schedule


Online Segment 1 – 6 hours

Soil Depth and Vertical Separation Distance


Opens June 1, 2021 (Must be completed by Oct. 30, 2021)


• Soil depth and onsite wastewater treatment

• Soil horizons

• Soil color

• Soil texture

• Soil structure and consistence

• Soil morphology’s role in soil permeability

• Preparing the site for a soil description


Online Segment 2 – 6 hours

Soils in the Landscape


Opens June 1, 2021 (Must be completed by Oct. 30, 2021)

 [Must Complete Online Segment 1 before starting 

Online Segment 2]


• Soil maps

• Suitability of Ohio soils to treat wastewater

• Soil topography

• Soil survey

• Electronic soil survey

• Site and soil assessment

• Researching soils on the site

• Conducting a visual assessment

• Estimating the extent of each soil

• Finding and mapping a suitable soil


Online Segment 3 – 6 hours

Water and Soils

Opens June 1, 2021 (Must be completed by Oct. 30, 2021)

[Must Complete Online Segments 1 & 2 before starting 

Online Segment 3]


• Site water balance

• Water tables and wastewater treatment

• Water movement through soil

• Soil chemistry

• Morphology of wet soils

• Soil color and mottles

• Landscape hydrology




Text books:

Mussel Color Book 

Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes and Classifications. Vepraskas, M. and C. Craft. 2016. 

Suitability of Ohio Soils for Treating Wastewater. Mancl, K. and B. Slater. OSU Extension Bull 896.

Site and Soil Evaluation for Onsite Wastewater Treatment. Mancl, K. and B. Slater. OSU Extension Bulletin 905.



For the workshop, 6 hours of continuing education credit per segment has been approved by the Ohio Department of Health and Sanitarian Registration Board for installers, pumpers, service providers and sanitarians.




Registration Online - 2021

Soil & Site Evaluation for Onsite Wastewater Treatment


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Online Segment 1- 

Soil Depth and Vertical Separation Distance



Online Segment 2 -

Soils in the Landscape


Online Segment 3

Water and Soils

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