Mancl will be inducted as Fellow American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers

April 30, 2023

ASABE defines a Fellow as a member of unusual professional distinction, with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in, or related to, the field of agricultural, food, or biological systems engineering. ASABE Fellows possess a minimum of 20 years of active practice in, or related to, the profession of engineering; the teaching of engineering; or the teaching of an engineering-related curriculum and a minimum of 20 years as an active Member-Engineer or Member in ASABE.

This is ASABE's highest honor. 


Karen Mancl, professor, Ohio State University, is being honored for her commitment to eliminating the discharge of water pollutants from homes, communities and food industries in rural America. 


She will be inducted at a July 10 ceremony at the 2023 ASABE Annual International Meeting, in Omaha.